Tailored solutions

Individual Therapy

As clinical social workers we provide evidenced based treatment and view each person as unique. You can expect your sessions to be individualized as you and your therapist will collaboratively identify areas of growth and determine what it will look like when you have grown. At TCP our approaches can be described as eclectic as both Annie and Liza draw from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Interpersonal Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Systems Perspective.

If you feel that individual therapy would be appropriate, please contact TCP to schedule and appointment.

Couples Therapy

There can be times in every relationship that are difficult, and at times, couples need help managing conflict. At TCP we believe everything good in our lives comes from hard work and lots of it. In couples therapy you can expect to work along side your partner and therapist toward resolving conflict by creating a relationship that is secure, open and honest and respectful.

If you feel your relationship could benefit from therapy, please contact TCP to schedule an appointment.

A few facts about our company

Our office is a safe place in which you can discuss your thoughts and feelings without judgment or criticism.  We draw from a variety of evidence-based methodologies and use a strengths- based approach that is most effective for getting to the core of the problem. At Timberline Counseling we bring experience, professionalism and integrity to our practice, in a comfortable, nonjudgmental, and supportive environment.  Whether you need help coping with daily stress or you have experienced trauma, we will look at the different aspects of your life and determine how best to help you succeed. 

Mission Statement

Here at Timberline Counseling Partners we believe that with a little encouragement and support we can all make it to the summit. The views are amazing and the payoff is worth the effort. There is something amazing about being able to sit down on a boulder and rest your weary feet as you look back on the progress you made, to look back on the things you have endured, and see, in hindsight, how you are a better person for it.



Liza: 970-302-8772
Annie: 970-302-5702